Modular AGV platform project launched

21 May 2019

Collaboration between Van den Akker and Octinion regarding Autonomous Guided Vehicles

Van den Akker Electric Engineering and Octinion are facing similar challenges in different sectors, as both companies are looking for solutions to automate and robotize manual work. This follows from the need of companies to remain competitive and to find reliable workforces.


Octinion and Van den Akker collaborate on a project on “Autonomous Guided Vehicles” (AGVs). The development of these vehicles will make it possible to robotize some tasks and to make other tasks lighter and more attractive to employees. The output will be a prototype that can be used in bakeries and another that will be used in strawberry greenhouses.

This project is made possible thanks to the support of the European Union throughout an Interreg Project. These projects encourage the cooperation between different regions in Europe. More info can be found on: