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Flexible, robust systems with intuitive connectivity. High quality measurements with limited expertise requirements.

How it works

INDAQ is a modular, flexible system of front-ends and supporting hardware such as measurement computer and power supply. The INDAQ front-ends take care of signal conditioning, monitoring and power supply. They can be configured by the INDUCT GateWay (IGW) or the measurement system itself over ethernet. The digital front-ends even support conversion of diverse analog signals to digital TTL-signals. The DAQ-side of the system is currently based on National Instruments cards.

The front-ends are available as standalone components and in 19 inch rack format. From a standalone front-end to a complete measurement system with robust housing, it is all possible with INDAQ.


  • a Easy & cost-effective

    • Intuitive connectivity
    • Software layer available (INDATA) that eliminates all need for ad hoc programming, thus reducing the cost of a measurement campaign
    • Automatic integration with DataManager
  • b Flexible & high-quality

    • Signal conditioning and shielding can be configured without need for any hardware or custom changes
    • Continuous monitoring of the signal quality to guarantee high data quality and minimize data loss
    • Wide range of acquisition cards available for all purposes


With INDAQ you can build an entire measurement system.

Other products from ITM suite

  • DataManager

    Web-based management & processing software

    Web-based tool for experiment configuration, data processing and storage. Its objective is to lower the cost of measurement campaigns and to increase the return of your data by automating the acquisition, management and preprocessing of measurement data. DataManager allows you to focus on your core activity: convert the information into knowledge. The platform is also ideally suited for (remote) monitoring applications.


    Measurement software

    Software layer on our own measurement systems that enables defining measurement campaigns without any programming experience. It supports a wide range of measurement types such as clocked or triggered analog/digital input, analog/digital input on demand, CAN busses and much more.