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INDAQ on a baler

With INDAQ you can build an entire measurement system

The system in the picture is being used to perform measurements in harsh circumstances on a Large Square Baler. This system contains the following modules:

  • Measurement system with 3 DAQ-mx CAN cards and two CAN cards with 4 ports each
  • 6 Analog front-ends with 96 analog inputs in total
  • 2 digital front-ends with 24 digital inputs/outputs
  • UPS system with 3 sensor voltages (5V, 10V and 24V). Supply of the UPS at 230V AC or 12V DC

The intuitive interface of INDAQ enables non-expert users to execute excellent measurements with little or no training. The robust casing protects the system from dust and water. This system was equipped with passive cooling, which allows it to operate in environments of up to 40°C (shadow temperature). Optionally the system can also be equipped with an active cooling based on Peltier elements.

The main advantage of this set-up is its flexibility and modularity. Any sensor can be connected without any hardware changes. The monitoring included in the INDATA software alerts the operator the moment a sensor shows abnormal behavior.